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    Server Chat Option in /chat

    Can we get an option in /chat for server specific chat where I can only chat and see others chat that are in the same towny server? I don't like seeing all the nonsense on the other servers.
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    Boosters on the weekend?

    Add to Skyblock as well don't leave us out.
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    Bedrock in Skyblock.

    /island. /home. These are all commands that prevent tp trapping.
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    Bedrock in Skyblock.

    There /spawn for anti tp trapping. Trapping barely happens in skyblock. Most people are good people and rarely do things like that. You can make code to break bedrock, its not hard. it doesn't use animation but can be done. As much bad things you came up with which barely happen theres many good...
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    Official Skyblock PvP Arena??

    It would be nice to have an official PvP Arena over here on Skyblock. Many players tried to make pvp arenas on their island but it can't get traffic and people to it like a public warp that's made for it. This will help out players who are also high ranking in skyblock because they don't really...
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    Skyblock Farming Buff?

    So I know Skyblock's main economy system is based off spawners and minions but this is all afk methods of making money. It would be nice to reward players who are actively farming and physically doing things. Could we maybe buff the sell prices on some farm loot so that it's relevant. I remember...
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    Bedrock in Skyblock.

    It would be cool if you guys allowed us to purchase Bedrock in game to allow us to make builds on our islands to keep players who visit contain but not have to turn on our build protection. For example I wanted to make mineshaft chambers so I can pay players to mine for me. Or I can host events...
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    Skyblock Daily Crashes

    /hdb is also broke just btw
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    Skyblock Daily Crashes

    wouldn't that just reconnect you to the hub and also wouldn't i just be in spawn...
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    Skyblock Daily Crashes

    3 crashes I've witnessed today.
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    Skyblock Daily Crashes

    I have to work everyday and when I am finished I would like to come home to all the money I generated on skyblock. But instead I come home to a screen with, "server closed" on it that was probably there an hour after I left to work. All the electricity wasted for nothing.
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    Skyblock Daily Crashes

    Somethings happening with the Skyblock Server. I would advise checking logs at the times of crashes. All the Daily's on skyblock are getting really upset because it wasn't like this a month or two ago and now there's 2-5 crashes a day kick us out of our grinders and making us lose millions in...
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    This question about Vegan has been troubling me lately.

    Do they really kill 50 lambs to make PETA bread?
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    Block Prices

    When I first joined 23k was emeralds prices and 18k was diamond and gold. When I first joined there were only 3 big island buying blocks [Heaven, PotatoHeaven, TDI]. Now there's about 7-8 island constantly trying to buy blocks with nbi being the first to break the 30k mark on emeralds.
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    Block Prices

    I haven't really been on much lately but I feel if you got the money charge what you want. That's how the real world works. It seems like there is little supply between the regulars but high demand so everyone currently fighting over stuff leftovers. We just need more new players who want to...
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    Zero Hoppers placed but /hopper says I have 91 hoppers placed.

    Hello I'm on the skyblock server and I have zero hoppers placed currently but when i do /hopper it says I have 91 placed, this extremely irritating as I am building my new grinder base and not able to place down the hoppers I need. I've maxed out hopper limit to 150 but with the 91 ghost hoppers...
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    Skyblock island names

    why did they change there name?
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    Hoppers are tooo slow...

    Moving 1-4 items each time means you have to call the same event 64x-16x more times than it has to be called. Increase it to 32 or even 64 because if you clear the items that are going through hoppers faster the hopper event will be called less which reduces usage. Spigot's hopper code is as...
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    Skyblock - MobStacker mobs deleting by Clearlagg

    On skyblock server if you have stacked mobs and happen to kill them just right when clearlagg is clearing it deletes the dead entity and the rest of the stacked mobs. Happens to me all the time because I have a grinder and the lava kills them right when it clears entities and resets all the mobs...