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    Guide to Castian-Tier MythicDrops for Demonic

    This is a guide to the 247 Castian-tier MythicDrops items available on the Demonic server, compiled by collecting information from several players. For the Medieval server see TawnyFrogmouth’s dedicated guide, and for the Atlantis server refer to GJR_2003’s guide. For event items --- including...
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    Move completed achievements to another section

    It'll be nice to move the completed achievements to another tab, that is accessible. This is so that it'll be easier for us to access the uncompleted task without needing to scroll through 2 to 3 pages every time.
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    Verification for new players

    Introduction As you can tell, the above isn't very impressive, nor casting a good impression of our server, is it? The problem, and the proposed solution Spam bots have been around for about as long as the server has existed, and it has been a constant problem that plagues our server heavily...
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    A great has fallen...

    Today is a sad day for Castia. A great has fallen. Asheskille has resigned from his Administrator position. Having done so much for the server, he is respected and well-known to many. I believe many have been helped by Ashes, and this is a sad occassion for many. Ashes was a fun and friendly...
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    FAQ for all servers

    Hi everyone! It's Orange here. Newcomers typically come in and go "What is this server?", "Can I join a town?", "Can I break spawners?". I felt a guide might be useful to answer some of these common questions. Firstly, you should read /rules, for the rules and /faq, for the frequently asked...
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    Skyblock guide

    Hey fellow Castians! I am here today with a guide for Skyblock! I figured it would be nice to have a guide for skyblock, since there isn't one already. 1. What is skyblock? Skyblock is one of the most popular challenge maps ever created. The concept behind the map is very simple; you spawn on...
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    Fly on skyblock?

    Skyblock on Castia - Fly? Alright guys, skyblock has been just released. And upon closer inspection on the ranks, you do see that the top 2 donor ranks: Pheonix Angel They have /fly (gives you permanent fly). The point of skyblock, at least the thing that made it attractive was the difficulty...
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    What fruit are you?

    What fruit are you? (Sparked off a random debate ingame) I'll start... I'm an Orange.
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    Giveaway! (Open to friends only)

    I'm holding a lucky draw in classic. Those who are in my friends list in classic (do /res TheOrangeJuice) will stand a chance to win some stuff! Some prizes are sapetite spade, 50k and an auric longbow! It is to be custom coded by me! Look out for further details! (Oh, and if I missed out...
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    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! I am TheOrangeJuice, you can call me Orange, OrangeJuice, whatever! I have started out on the server a few days ago, and I'm happy to say that I love the community! Special shoutout to RedSeb321, PotatoQueenCoco and TawnyFrogmouth for hosting me with great hospitality! Now...