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    Moving on

    Hello everyone I've been dreading this announcement for a while but it's time. Some of you might know that I recently graduated from university and about a month ago I also moved into a new apartment. I'm currently applying for jobs to work full time which means I will have very little time for...
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    Build Contest Winners

    Hello everyone The build contest have ended and the winners have been found! It's been amazing to see what you have all come up with and there has been built some truly amazing built in just under two weeks time. It's been a close race but the winners are as follows, The first place goes to...
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    How to fix your Job Booster Item

    Hello everyone If you play on Atlantis or Demonic, you might have noticed that your job booster item no longer gives you the intended bonus. This is due to an update with the Jobs plugin that redid the method for storing job booster item info. There is a fix for this however it requires each...
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    Demonic things

    Didn't see this thread earlier however I've fixed most of these bugs I think. /tpa, /nick and /near is working now. I'm working on getting the other bugs sorted asap.
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    Can't connect to Demonic

    Hello JackJanson Yesterday we updated Demonic to 1.13.2 so you need to use version 1.13.2 in order to connect to Demonic.
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    Castia Build Contest #2 - Historical Buildings

    Hello everyone It is time for a new build contest! We have setup an exclusive realm for the build contest where everyone gets their own plot with creative mode to build on. The theme for the build contest is historical buildings. You can enter the build contest by typing /server and click on...
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    Using AlQaeda as your IGN is inappropriate and not allowed on Castia. If you change your name...

    Using AlQaeda as your IGN is inappropriate and not allowed on Castia. If you change your name, you can appeal your ban and you should be able to play again.
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    Lost Emperor Rank, Incorrect Username

    Hello Lord_Cypher_ It's been resolved now.
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    Update Log (28/10/2018)

    Global Added support 1.13.2 Fixed a connection issue and improved overall network stability Launched the Halloween Event Made progress on secret project Fixed voting Towny Fixed a stability issue with /hdb Fixed a permission error with /townyban, only mayors and senators can towny ban now...
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    The Halloween Event

    Hello Castians! I hope you're ready to find some pumpkins and catch some ghosts because the Castia Halloween Event have arrived! You can access the event through the pumpkin portals at the spawns on each towny and skyblock server. Pumpkin Hunt You start the event by talking to the NPCs at...
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    Cannot log into server

    Hello. I believe I have sorted the issue now. At least got confirmation from two players that had connection issues which were now able to connect. Let me know if it's fixed for you or if the issue persists and I will look further into it. I apologize for the inconvience.
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    Skyblock /shop access denied

    This was fixed earlier today. Thank you for your report.
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    Daily Rewards Resetting to Day 1

    Sadly this is a bug and we are aware of it. We are trying to resolve it however we are still unable to find any pattern for when it decides to reset players and we don't see any errors pop up in our logs. This makes it very hard to resolve since we have no idea what to go on. I had hoped...
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    Halloween Announcement, Store Sale, Map Art & More!

    Yes, elevators has replaced lifts and has been added to Skyblock as a new feature.
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    Halloween Announcement, Store Sale, Map Art & More!

    Hey everyone! Halloween is just around the corner and I hope you're ready for spooks and frights. Coming October 20th, an epic event created by our lovely content team, you will be able to explore the spooky tombstown mansion. Store Sale We recently had some of our art work in the store...
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    Update Log (28/9/2018)

    Global Added /party list, that shows all members in your party and /party now also displays how many are online in your party. Disabled friend join/leave messages when they are switching servers instead of joining/leaving the network. Players can no longer /mail players that have them ignored...
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    Client Error (Langpointerexeption)

    Have you tried updating/re-installing java? Does your computer have enough RAM to run minecraft?
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    Update Log (17/9/2018)

    Global Added support for 1.13.1 Clients. /CSToggle now hides your "Your chestshop is full/empty" notifications. Fixed a chat bug where sometimes chat messages wouldn't appear in chat. Fixed /r and /msg sometimes saying "Player not found" when they were there. Fixed /ignore not always working...
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    Client Error (Langpointerexeption)

    Try connecting with 1.12.2. We don't support the client version 1.8 you mentioned.
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    Daily Bonus Reset Time?

    I actually made some changes today to the Daily Rewards. It now works around a universal timer that resets on midnight server time (You can see what time it is in the bottom of the tab list) Additionally the reward no longer resets if you miss one day. These changes will still give players an...