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  1. VentuDK


    Even though you're malcontent, I really like those ideas.
  2. VentuDK

    Adoring Fan Mapart

    That is very accurate.
  3. VentuDK

    Welcome to New Rapture

    After being a senator in this town for several months, I must say that I enjoy this town a lot. Both the Wild buildings and the Classic people in there are amazing! I hope to be a part of this town for a long time :).
  4. VentuDK

    Adoring Fan Mapart

    This is really scary. I couldn't sleep last night because of that picture. Please help :,)
  5. VentuDK


  6. VentuDK

    banned for my name

    You should put this in ban appeals :P
  7. VentuDK

    Towny weather

    Add a command called /t toggle weather and make it similiar to /pweather. Enabled: Clear weather Disabled: Server weather
  8. VentuDK

    Job specialisation

    I agree with Beard_Man, the idea of children jobs is really nice, it would add more diversity to grinding.
  9. VentuDK


    Bye o/ Nevermind, I'm back.
  10. VentuDK

    Ideas on how to make the reset fair for everyone.

    If my house burns to the ground, it's only fair that I burn down my friend's houses to.
  11. VentuDK

    Miner Perk Buffs

    Permanent haste 2 is probably one of the, if not the best perk, and it is achieved at lvl 25. Unlike other unique perks, like autoreplant (farmer) and chance to get dust (digger), haste 2 is useful for a great variety of different things, same thing goes for /fr
  12. VentuDK

    Miner Perk Buffs

    I like your initiative! Finally someone has started constructively criticising the miner job, although I do not agree with you 100% that the miner job needs new perks, I can see you have found some flaws. I kinda disagree with /speed at lvl 50 miner, as it takes more than three times the effort...