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May 5, 2016
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Nov 28, 1993 (Age: 25)

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Retired, Male, 25

Just a heads up; I'll be somewhat unavailable the next 3 weeks due to finishing up my bachelor thesis and need to focus on that. Jan 15, 2018

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Apr 18, 2019 at 8:03 AM
    1. Pembroke76
      Can you please look at the conversation I sent you? It's important
    2. Oseoka
      Daily reminder ur awesome <3
    3. _xXPVPLord1Xx_
      NASKEL! HELP! I got BANNED for using X-ray when I wasn't using X-ray. I just got settler rank and was about to make a town when I was banned by POTATOQUEENCOCO. I was really sad and I never used the hacks anyway.
    4. WinterStar2005
      Hi i was wondering if i could get unbanned i never griefed before so please may i be unbanned?
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    5. Avocado_Toast
      So my friend WinterStar2005 was banned for grief and she has been playing with me everytime she was on and she told me she NEVER griefed before so i was wondering if you could help??
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    6. ChaoticIntoner
      Hi Naskel. I would like to purchase the rank for $10 but I was wondering is it a one time payment? Also when I go to buy it or any other ranks for that matter it says i don't have permission or I'm not aloud?
      1. Naskel
        Jul 6, 2017
    7. Mia963
      Hey, i was wondering if u could help me i was band for grief but im new to the serveri didnt know tht the land was someone bc it was 'unclaimed' please may i be unbanned?
    8. Sky_lord_
      1. Naskel
    9. Emeraldwisp
      And , now the server is down for maintenance , that's answers my problem , if I may ask . How long will it be down
    10. Emeraldwisp
      I don't know if this is happening for anyone else but I cant connect to the server. Ive tried recreating the server, ive restarted my computer and I don't know what do , this is not happening to my friends and I'm concerned , If you guys are doing work on the server while trying to get everyone out or just moving the server ip / location id really like to know
    11. TheSnappers
      How to I be staff?
      1. TerrariaGamer49
        Jun 19, 2017
    12. jrsy joker
      jrsy joker
      Ello for some reason I was banned my user is jrsy_joker and I would just like to know why thank you for your time if you read this
      1. jrsy joker
        jrsy joker
        I found the reason why but I don't remember doing it I have been at school all day so I don't know how I could have done it
        Apr 21, 2017
    13. Emeraldwisp
      Now I've been on for 4-5 days and All I've done is gone and stayed at my base a remodeling it . There are bases near me but I don't go to them so I don't know what I did.I got banned for 7 days and I'd liked to be unbanned if possible If I could resolve this with BradleyW_ that would be great and If I destroyed anyones stuff I will kindly give it back and I'm deeply sorry if I did
      1. HairyPigAGS
        5 chunk rule
        Apr 17, 2017
      2. TerrariaGamer49
        emerald i understand you are sorry and that you don't understand but please understand this, that you should go ban appeal if you ever get banned but this time you are temp banned so you'll have to wait it out
        Jun 19, 2017
    14. catwolf2070
      im sorry for having xray on i will stop
    15. ConnorSean
      I got banned 24 hrs for appearantly doing Minor Griefing, i didnt grief a thing
    16. xXhappyfreakXX
      Naskel can I be unbaned plz
      1. xXhappyfreakXX
        I was banned for 12 hours
        Mar 28, 2017
      I was banned while i wasnt on server!!! I mined 7 diamond and Jessila banned me for xray?!!
      I want unban,and i want to know how Jessila ban me while im not on server,and how she saw me with xray???
      I want unban on BUDWEISER and on InfernoVertigo?! And i dont know why am i banned on Inferno Vertigo,i played 3 secund on that profile?!I only loged in to ask why i was banned while im not on??!!!I WANT JUSTICE?!
      1. Naskel
        Make a ban appeal instead of spamming my wall. thanks
        Mar 24, 2017
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    18. Matrix_Overload
      Can i be a helper o something please
    19. Draco1
      how can i join the server
      1. Naskel
        Feb 14, 2017
    20. ViralPlayer
      can we talk about how my account and how my brother's account gets banned for no reason
      1. Naskel
        Please discuss bans in the ban appeal section.
        Oct 23, 2016
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    Nov 28, 1993 (Age: 25)