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Nov 28, 1993 (Age: 25)

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Just a heads up; I'll be somewhat unavailable the next 3 weeks due to finishing up my bachelor thesis and need to focus on that. Jan 15, 2018

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Dec 12, 2018 at 2:12 PM
    1. ClankyCanvas248
      How do I join?
      1. RedSeb321
        Use Minecraft Java Edition 1.12, go to Multiplayer and use the IP: Play.Castiamc.Com :)
        Jul 29, 2018
    2. XxChaddums12xX
      I cant see the apply for staff
    3. 00razer21
      Hey Naskel, I tried to join earlier but it says there's maintenance, anything I should know about it?
    4. norlock02
      can i become a moderator and how
      1. Naskel
        You can apply for staff on the forums.
        Jul 18, 2018
    5. DearAmbelina
      Want to hear a joke about a piece of paper?...
      Never mind... it's tearable.
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      2. Naskel
        Someone stole my copy of Microsoft Office... I will find them!
        You have my Word!
        Jul 18, 2018
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    6. manupen
      Then later on yesterday i was checking my token total and it had strangely gone down from 802 to 278 - I contacted 3 different members of staff who were all very helpful in trying to solve this issue, yet the only logical next step was to contact yourself so here I am! I appreciate any help you can offer me and hope you are well, Manupen :) (3/ I can't count very well)
    7. manupen
      However as I'm sure you are aware yesterday there was some sort of glitch at the shrine. In the course of the difficulties I lost at least 2 keys trying to play the event and then i was timed out of the server... However when i re-logged i still didn't have my keys but i had about 100-120 more tokens which I presumed was some sort of compensation for me losing some of my keys..(2/4
    8. manupen
      Hello Naskel,
      I am currently playing on your demonic server and am rather enjoying the /summer event which I have been putting a lot of effort into trying to obtain enough tokens for some of the cool prizes/ momentos! (1/4)
    9. RyanIslandYT
      naskel hi im ryan im sorry i hacked useing x-ray i didnt knoow i arledy put my ban appel up i deleted x ray when i found out this happend please un ban me i want to play with my bro again.
    10. BloodyGeorge
      I dont know why you banned me > permanently < in the summer event yesterday where you could place water, due to your own staff mistakes of commands used in event, i think this is not the right decision.
      1. Naskel
        You intentionally ruined the event for hundreds of players. You clearly show no remorse when you try to shift the blame on staff.
        The rules are very clear on griefing,
        "No griefing in any world.
        If you did not place it, do not break it or add to it without permission."
        Jul 7, 2018
      2. BloodyGeorge
        There were only 10 players there but ok... But still i dont agree with you. "without permission"? If i can place water i will and i dont need any permission for that and again its not my fault. You reather ban player than type in one command for water placement. But still, have a nice day on a server without me! :)
        Jul 8, 2018
    11. EvanB2008
      Hey Im Looking for A server that I can help out and Help Build
      1. Naskel
        Hey there Evan!
        You can apply for content team on the forums. They do builds for the server.
        Jul 1, 2018
    12. Jack Jeffries
      Jack Jeffries
      Personally i feel this is kind of admin abuse but im not too sure. I have an alternate account name - 'C48' (Not an "offensive username") I cannot use this as he IP banned me. Please help as this is quite annoying on my end. (3)
    13. Jack Jeffries
      Jack Jeffries
      I had a less than 1 minute /msg conversation with the admin 'Wolfhound1'. After telling him i cannot change the username for 30 days, he replied with, "Well i guess you'll just have to appeal in 30 days". (2)
    14. Jack Jeffries
      Jack Jeffries
      Hello, Id like to inform you that i was permanently banned for "inappropriate username" i do NOT find this in any way a reasonable punishment. My username is 'Fatggot'. I dont understand why i would be banned for a username MOJANG would allow. -\__("/)__/-
      1. That_Dev
        I am not saying your username is inappropriate but, The point of your username is to spell Faggot, Incase you are unaware let me inform you what "Faggot" means.

        disparaging name for a gay man, used mostly in the United States and often abbreviated to fag.

        I am not saying it is not a reason to be ban, But I do not think this staff member was in the wrong doing.
        Jun 14, 2018
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    15. V69
      If you could look or assign someone to look at my application to the server, thatd be great, Thanks!
      1. That_Dev
        Asking for your application to be read will most likely ( From my experience ) just get you denied, Best of luck

        Jun 14, 2018
    16. YateGames
      can you unban me i got baned i dint now /t spawn farm that you have to replant the pants name EMeliodas
    17. Isaiah Luke
      Isaiah Luke
      May you please unban me
    18. Sassydoll
    19. Bio42
      is the owner on?
    20. Brenzy98
      i dont know how to post a ban fourm...
      please unban me or tell me how
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