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  1. Kuroe
    Kuroe Wolfhound1
    How do I join this server?
  2. alex_marie1324
    alex_marie1324 Khrolar
    gratz on staff!!
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    2. Khrolar
      Mar 25, 2019 at 9:34 PM
  3. Kuion
    still banned :(
  4. Kuion
    Kuion SwaguSenpai
    Thank you for viewing my appeal :)
    edit_ thank u for ur hard work btw too
  5. Cradditz
    Cradditz Kuion
    Many people have been added 9999999999$ to there account and ten banned by a hacker! The hacker Destroyed spawn made everyone lose there items and just made everyone keep falling... Just wait until a admin gets on because this might take a while.
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    2. Kuion
      Thank you
      Mar 24, 2019 at 4:28 PM
  6. Kuion
    pls resolve this issue
  7. Kuion
    Kuion Adeea
    How do you appeal a ban?
  8. Kuion
    how do you make a ban appeal, i think i was wrongfully banned??
  9. Baetawolf
    Baetawolf RedSeb321
    Jesus, most of the post on your profile is about bans.

    1. RedSeb321
      :P That's how it is when you use the ban fish often
      Mar 23, 2019 at 5:41 PM
  10. Nostromovx
    Nostromovx Wolfhound1's been awhile
    1. Wolfhound1
      Hi - if you want to talk privately, you can start a conversation with me on the forums or on discord. (My wall is public, so anything said here will not be confidential)
      Mar 21, 2019 at 10:19 PM
  11. Ejblaster
    Ejblaster CelestialVortex
    Hey i Was Banned like 1 min after logging into The server.... i was Logging on for the first time since my X-ray recource pack Ban.. it got appealed and i was so excited.... but as soon as i got on and opened a Chest i got Banned for Like Ban Evasion or something like that.. ? Like i waited my time the first time.. ? Pls is there anything you can do ?
    1. CelestialVortex
      Hello there, please create a private conversation with me on the forums or contact me on discord at CelestialVortex#9740 and we can discuss this further.
      Mar 21, 2019 at 3:09 AM
  12. SprocksGAMING
    SprocksGAMING Finonia
    Congrats on staff hope to see a lot of change on skyblock now for the better :D
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  13. ScottDaWebGuy
    ScottDaWebGuy hailsux
    Huh. That was a bit of a delayed like. Just a tiny bit delayed.
  14. daywolf202
    daywolf202 Kaitlaninator
    Hola I wanted to ask why I have been banned on the medieval server because I was really excited to go on it but I am temp banned for a week and just wanted you to elaborate on "griefing"
  15. Nick Bishop
  16. hailsux
    hailsux BaZz_DrOp
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  17. ExGratia
    Don't worry, be happy.
  18. ryanllh
    Save Atlantis people
  19. draculua
  20. svveetheart
    Save Atlantis 2019